Kathrin Meier, Executive Director

Mariana Castillo

Administrative Coordinator
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Sandra Roberson
Program and Marketing Director
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Taylor Woodruff
Middle and High School Coordinator
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At NIA, we know the name, face, and story of each child, teenager and adult that comes through our doors. We support our families throughout life’s ups and downs. What makes our organization special is that we don’t serve clients, but we build family.

Nydia Quant
Children's and Family Ministries Coordinator
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Sara Reyes

Women and Family Ministries  

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Board of directors 2020

Our Executive Director

Diana Carrasco 

Program Assistant
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Don Macune - Chair

Ben McClure - Vice Chair

Pattie Allen 
Linda Civallero 
Bill Marshall 

Luz Mendoza Olivares 
Deborah Nixon 
Marlene Nondorf  
Maribel Rodriguez 

Ward Schmidt
Laura Wayne

Executive Director
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