Sarah Saldana
Director of Youth Ministry

Since Neighbors in Action first opened a community center in Port Houston in 2012, our numbers have grown exponentially. But at NIA it is about so much more than the numbers – I am proud to say that we know the name, face, and story of each child, teenager and adult that comes through our doors. We support our families throughout life’s ups and downs. What makes our organization special is that we don’t serve clients, but we build family.  .

Kathrin Meier, Executive Director

Executive Director

Don Macune (Chair)

Christie Harrison

Rebecca Hopkins

Sally Hrebenar

Rex King

Ben McClure

Sherry Murphree 

Marlene Nondorf

Tamir Pena

Alan Radkwanski

Ron Sledge


Claudia Culvert
Administrative Coordinator

Board of directors 2017

Our Executive Director

Dahlia Zermeno
Assistant Children's Coordinator

Sandra Roberson
Program and Marketing Director

Stacy Stepler
Capital Campaign Manager

Miranda Jones
Coordinator of Children's and Middle School Ministries