Neighbors in Action partners with families in Port Houston and surrounding neighborhoods to transform lives through spiritual growth, education, and meeting basic needs. 

Port Houston, a neighborhood of approximately 5,000 people and located 7 miles east of Downtown Houston, is considered a food desert and has no health facilities, pharmacies or grocery stores.  There is minimal public transportation, and many families cannot afford an automobile. The only government facility in the neighborhood is Port Houston Elementary.  In prior years the U. S. Dept. of Justice has closed bars and prosecuted individuals participating in organized, widespread sex trafficking on Clinton Dr. at the south end of the neighborhood.  Numerous bars continue to operate on McCarty St. and adjacent side streets. 

Port Houston Elementary is zoned almost exclusively for students of the Port Houston Neighborhood and the student demographics reflect the composition of the neighborhood.  99% of students are Hispanic, 98% are low-income (receiving free or reduced lunch), and 68% are English language learners. More than 85% of the families are mixed-status households. 95% of parents we work with have not completed high school in the USA or their home countries.